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2021 Spring Symposium FAQs

Please read this announcement carefully. NAVAS wants to ensure that everyone understands the requirements for obtaining RACE CE credits for their participation in the Symposium.

Q: If I attend the live symposium on March 5, 6 and 7, do I receive RACE CE credit?

A: As long as you are a NAVAS member, you receive CE credit for attending the live event. If you are not a NAVAS member no CE credit will be issued although you can participate in the live event.


RACE CE certificates will be sent by NAVAS directly to qualifying participants, after the live event.
It is not too late to join NAVAS and ensure that you receive RACE CE credits for attending the live event. 

Q: If I am not able to attend the live sessions, can I access the recordings after the event has ended?

A: Yes.


NAVAS members will have free access to all the recorded sessions. As well, NAVAS members qualify for CE credit for viewing the session recordings as long as they complete the MCQs.

People who prefer not to join NAVAS can also view the recordings and obtain CE credit for a fee. The fee is $50/CE credit or $99 for the entire set of 12 credits. 

Q: How do I receive RACE CE credit after the event has finished?

A: You will be able to access the Symposium recordings through VetBloom.

If you are a NAVAS member, access will be free until April 30. After April 30 there will be a fee to access the recordings.

Non-NAVAS members will be able to access the Symposium content for a fee.


Q: Can I view the session recordings after the Symposium has finished?

A: Yes, they will be available through VetBloom the week after the Symposium. 

Q: Since the event is free, do I need to register?

A: Yes, registration is required in order to access the live Symposium. Prior registration is not required to view the recordings of the Symposium through VetBloom after the event has ended.

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