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Call for 2021 NAVAS Nominations

NAVAS provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in the Anesthesia & Analgesia community! We are looking for individuals who are interested in serving on our Board of Directors to help make a difference in advancing and improving the administration of anesthesia and analgesia to all animals.

Call for 2021 NAVAS Nominations:

  • President-Elect

  • Secretary (incumbent running)

  • Treasurer (incumbent running)

  • Director at Large

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please provide the following information to the Nomination Committee Chair (

Required Information:

Name Contact information (e-mail) Bio (with picture please) Reason for interest in the position, goals for that position, and any relevant experience Nominations must be received by the annual NAVAS business meeting on September 25th, 2021 with an additional opportunity for floor nominations at that time.

Responsibilities of the Officers shall be delegated by the BOD, and unless the BOD decides otherwise, each Officer shall have the authority and duties that are customarily associated with their respective office. The term of office of each Officer shall be for two years, beginning January 1st of the year following the Officer’s election.

President-Elect shall:

  • Serve 2-year term.

  • Succeed to the office of the President (2 year term) upon the expiration of the then-current President’s term.

  • Succeed to the office of the Past-President (2 year term) upon the expiration of the President’s current term.

Secretary shall:

  • Serve 2-year term.

Treasurer shall:

  • Serve 2-year term.

Director At-large shall:

  • Serve 3-year term.

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